Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A meeting will be held on the 29 September 2011 which falls on Thursday.

Time: 2.00pm.
Venue: SMKBB library.

It's compulsory to attend. Attendance will be taken. Thanks and regards.

Majlis Perlaantikan Pengawas Pusat Sumber 2011/2012

Pada 22 Ogos/Isnin lepas, perlantikan pengawas bagi sesi 2011 dan 2012 telah diadakan di Dataran Mutiara SMKBB dan telah dirasmikan pengetua sendiri, Puan Noraini

Majlis ini dimulakan dengan majlis perbubaran Pengawas Pusat Sumber Tingkatan 5 dan disusuli dengan majlis pelantikan Pengawas Pusat Sumber baru sesi 2011/2012. Majlis ini bermula pada pukul 8.00 pagi dan berakhir pada pukul 8.40 pagi.

Objektif majlis ini diadakan untuk memperkenalkan Jawatankuasa Pengawas Pusat Sumber dan Pengawas Pusat Sumber bagi sesi 2011 dan 2012

Thursday, July 14, 2011

AGM Meeting.

Referred to the above topic which says "Annual General Meeting" in full sentences. Today, the librarian board officially change to a new board where the current form 5 will be giving out their post (known as "jawatan" in Bahasa Melayu) to the new librarians that are yet to be excos and biros and of course, probates will no longer be white anymore and will be green like the others librarians as they had join the team and have been with us for 2-3 months.

Librarians gathered in the Auditorium at 2.45pm after school and meetings.

Before the AGM meeting starts.

The meeting started with our president and vice president. They gave out a welcome speech, followed by the Muslim prayer, then right after the prayers, the exco(s) board (2010/2011 board) had to come forward to give a speech regarding the number of meetings and the sum of money that had been account eversince the beggining of the year until July 2011.

Adilah and her helper, Nur Asimah were explaining and mentioning the number of meetings that had been held this year as well as the reason for having these meeting (what is mainly about).

Atiqah and her helper, Afiqah were explaining about the sum of money that had been earned and saved throughout the entire year till July 2011.

Followed by the Media teacher, the library teacher and one of our Penolong Kanan, Pn Siti Sarimah.

The one and only Media teacher, Cik Amani was giving a brief, short and sweet words that inspire the others to become a better librarians in the future.

Pn Suhanim given out a speech regarding the future librarians, thank the excos and biros and all the librarians and probates that are now in the team for all the commitment and help. Likewise, she did mentioned about our discipline and be responsible as a librarian.

Last but not least, Pn Siti Sarimah gave a long speech but every word and sentences she had stated and gave out some inspirational words and sentences before it ended.


The time has come and it's about time they welcomed the new board!

1: Probates that are soon going to be librarians. These are the ones who managed to got in after 2-3 months trials of being a probate.

2: The Biros that are promoted that are going to take over for a year (2011/2012). Old or new, doesn't matter but what matters the most is the interest and performances of a librarian/probate.

From left: Biro Kedatangan (the one that is incharge for form 1 and 2: Nur Syafiqah), form 3-form 5: Nur Qumarin, Loveena as the Biro Dokumentasi, Krishan raj as the biro rak buku, Nurul Huda as the keceriaan, syarifah mahani as the biro bilik akses and Veknes as the biro Arkib Sejarah.

The future exco board of the year 2011/2012

From left: Nur Afiqah (Future president of the library board) , Nur Asimah (Vice president 1), Thamarai (Vice president 2), Nur Maisarah as the Secretary, Tharsini as the Vice Secretary, Maisarah (C) as the treasurer and Jishuvan as the Vice treasurer.

Probates and librarians were taking down the new board of the year for (2011/2012)

Alas, not to forget, from the left, introducing the Biro Nilam (Exco Nilam): Azreq Danial as the leader and the helper is Luqman. Adrian as the Exco Perabot.

Before the meeting ended, Abang Iskandar gave out a brief and thank all the seniors, librarians, probates for their commitment and sacrificing their time to key in all 6,000 over books in the library which is definitely a success.

Abang Iskandar bought us a cake. Without his help and his presence, we will never manage to key in all 6k books. Abang Iskandar has been a big help to all of us, taking all the trouble for us without hesitating. Abang Iskandar is also a role model for all of the librarians.

... and ended with the form 5s.

Seniors with future President and Vice president.

From left: Adilah, Shivani, Kartigeyan, Atiqah, Hazwina.
Bottom from the left: Asimah, Afiqah.

The form 5s (exco mixture of biros)

From left: Adilah, Shivani, Raveeta, Kartigeyan, Atiqah, Hazwina, Farahin.
From left (second row): Katrina, Naquiah.
From left (3rd row bottom): Aina, Ayu.


Good luck and all the best to all to the future excos, biros, librarians, new librarians in the future!

2011 brings in a new year with a new library outlet too!

A brand new day, a fresh year. Not only for all of us but also the library.

There are many changes in the library compare to last year as the library now have some upgrades on the tiles, tables and the media room.

Students' creatures and artwork that is now on display in the entrance of the library.

Display on board (the misi and visi of the school), and last year students' achievements (PMR and SPM results) as well as some notice board.

Our new pet fish!

Our awesome media room which is for teachers that wants to explain using their computers (presentation work) or students that would like to show off their presentation work to the teacher. Alas, the media room has a TV comes with an astro as well.

The notice board where librarians updates their upcoming events.

A file which contains lots of data work, etc.

The entrance of the library + a counter where librarians serve the students.

Last but not least, a private room for meetings.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Minggu Bahasa (Minggu Pusat Sumber) 2011.

The librarians were launching a program called "Minggu Pusat Sumber (Minggu Bahasa)" known as the library week where activities were hold and take place.

As usual on Monday mornings, assembly comes on first and right after singing the national anthem song and right after that, a respective teacher introduced "Minggu Bahasa" before launching it.

The launching after the introduction.

Pn Siti Sarimah was giving a speech regarding the reason why language exists.

Respective teacher introducing the factor of why and how communication exists.

Right after the launching and introducing.


and not just that, the library week held a few competitions for
students in SMK Bukit Bandaraya.

Right after launching, some students took part of creating a drama likewise the pictures above as they were taking about how language brought into the world. It was eye-catching as in the performance was good.

Students that were involved.

Students that were involved in the drama language.

Some snapshots that were taken while the drama was going on.

That was during assembly and right after assembly, the library hosted some competition such as doing a creative mind map that comes from the textbook but shortening the notes into a mind map. These are the pictures that were capture doing the event:-

Picture speaks louder than words After all, the event went on well and smoothly. The winners were given a present.

I hope that next year would be better and much more adventurous (known as fun filling) for the students, teachers and the librarians as well.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Gotong royong ada diadakan pada hari Sabtu minggu ini iaitu (15 Januari 2011).

Masa: 8-30am - sebelum 1 petang.

kehadiran anda adalah wajib.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


First meeting tomorrow after school (09/Jan/2011)

Compulsory to attend.